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Monday, June 06, 2011

Smooth Morning Bus Ride From Woodlands To Johor During June School Holidays

Wow! I couldn't believe I managed to enter into Malaysia within 1 hour yesterday Sunday morning.
The previous Saturday was so jam-packed with bus coaches after the Tuas Checkpoint bridge that we spent almost 1.5 hours on the brightly colored CW3 Yellow Bus. i should have brougth along my Creative Zi00 Tablet to play angry birds. (i am angry man :D)

So myself, a long-time friend Mathavi & her daughter Shanti decided to try another route Woodlands Checkpoint.

On a rainy Sunday morning 7am (5 June 2011), we took a SBS 160 from Jurong East Interchange which took us only about 30mins to reach Woodlands Checkpoint!
As the saying goes, "early bird gets the worm", if we have been later by anther 4 mins our next Sbs bus will be 26 mins based on the Iris info i recieved on my mobile phone.
*Iris: sms Bus Stop No, Bus No. to 74744
Example: 28291 160 
Btw, Iris is not my girlfriend, she is a IT system where you can sms to find out the next & subsequent bus arriving ;)

When we reach Woodlands, we do not see the usual heavy traffic lineup. So we thought that the smooth ride and short queue may be due to the fact that most travellers already went in Malaysia on previous day, Saturday.

But to my surprise, when we boarded the SBS Bus 160 to Malaysia after clearing from Woodlands Checkpoint, I still see a long line of vehicles moving slowly into Johor asthe bus we are in speeding by them.

So it is still a long ride n wait for most Singaporeans after all.

Heavy Slow Traffic entering into Johor, Malaysia (after clearance from Woodlands Checkpoint)

Morning Company Buses at Woodlands Checkpoint ~730am
(workers taking transport back to their hometown in Malaysia after their night shift ends in Singapore)

While Waiting for SBS 160 at Woodlands Checkpoint, passengers boarding the Causeway Link Bus!

you can buy your taxi coupon at the JB Central Taxi Terminal before boarding
( it's located between Johor Checkpoint and City Square Mall )

A typical taxi fare to Bukit Indah costs RM$23.70  (slightly less than S$10)

so many taxis parking at this JB Central Taxi Terminal!

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