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Monday, March 03, 2014

Victim to SMS Scam & being Charged For Premuim Services by Starhub

FYI, for benefit of all contest lovers.
1 of my biz partner's horrible sms experience few days ago:
see Starhub's bill at bottom.
I advise him to approach CASE of Singapore who can settle disputes between service providers and 3rd parties invloved.

I quote his email msg:

"Hi Allan,

Maybe U wld like to put up my encounter with a company which fleeced me in STOMP. The publicity should prevent unsuspecting phone subscribers falling victims
Quite recently I received a SMS which prompted me to participate in an easy to win gift voucher from any of the 3 supermarkets which included NTUC Fairprice, Giant and ShenXiong.
It gave a simple question from the start such as to name 3 types of taxis in singapore. After passing the question, one question after another came thru SMS and I felt bored and meaningless and ended the participation without expecting anything less of the gift vocher.
To my horror, the phone bill from my provider, StarHub, charged me $18 under premium services. This is as good as daylight robbery.
If I decide to lodge a complaint do you know which body should I address it to? By the way the company which conducted the survey questionaires is called Tazoki Pte Ltd tel 6477 9155 "
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