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Monday, September 12, 2011

Pregnant Office Lady Standing On SMRT Train

Witness yet another kindness of train passengers
giving up their standing space for a pregnant office lady.

She is carrying her laptop bag and her baby in the womb.

The train heading towards Jurong East is super crowded on a friday evening.

The elderly man carrying walking stick doesn't seem to be able to give up his seat for her.

What about the 2 aunties next to elderly man? 
They are busy chatting... sigh

Thankfully we men do not need to be a seahorse carrying babies.

Who is gonna give up a seat for this pregnant lady?

Maybe i can give up a seat for this pregnant lady? But wait! i'm a carrying a walking stick mysef

Let's wait for the right passenger to give up, back to his sleep

Waiting . . .

Aunty: "I should be giving up my seat for this pregnant lady"

Tired dozing .... zzzzzzz

pregnant lady , pole dancing

Aunty still chatting away , pregnant lady shrudds.

No one helping this pregnant lady? But he need to sleep

Who is gonna give up a seat for this pregnant lady? Forget it !

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