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Monday, August 23, 2010

Bed Bugs on the rise in Jurong

Bed Bugs seem to be on the rise in Jurong area.

Look at what NTUC of Boon Lay Shopping Center stocking up. If you happen to pass by Boon Lay, u will be able to see more matresses & furnitures being discarded on the ground floors.

Notice that there are also more foreigners renting flats in this little town , there's some links to the increase of bedbugs with increase of human traffic flow.

My remedy to eliminate bed bugs is to use a solvent "thinner", very fast and effective against bed bugs. Wish you all the best to you in dealing with bed bugs.

I, the author of this blog must NOT be held responsible for any mishap arose from the usage of thinner. Pls exercise care when using thinner, pets & children must not be around when spraying thinner in your homes.
You have to first FINISH reading the Link "My Bed Bug Remedy" provided on the right of this blog before attempting.


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