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Friday, October 26, 2012

Stray Cats Roaming Freely & Peaceful With Humans

The stray cats here are happily living and roaming around without being harmed, except for a few cases of stray cats being trapped on the ledge.

The stray cats can use the lift to go up or if they prefer to exercise can use their legs by doing some walking on their fours. 
Many a times u will be able to see a stray cat by the name of Hong Hong outside hdb units, sleeping peacefully or asking for permission to enter your home. Not only are the stray cats on the ground, there is also a stray cat that can be seen walking above your head.  

There is once, I spotted a playful blackie dog having fun chasing after the stray cats. 
The stray cats "played along", one even chased blackie back, wow!

The cats here are dun seem to be  afraid of humans and even their "arch-enemy" dogs (stray or domesticated). Whenever the stray cat see a dog barking at them, they will either look away or adopt a defensive position, usually the former.

The stray cats are fed every 2 - 3 times per day by volunteers cat lovers. Treatment of cats injuries are also being performed by Mr Jimmy who provides supper for the stray cats. He also will call up for  sterilization of cats.
Not forgetting Mdm Wong who provides of breakfast & supper for the stray cats.

See photos below:

Stray cat roaming outside a unit on the 3rd floor

Stray cat lying down outside lift lobby 

Stray cat rescue trapped outside a wall ledge on the 4th floor

Stray cat Hong Hong dozing off zzZz by the bicycle parked outside a unit

Stray cat Hong Hong using the lift, out he goes

Stray cat roaming above you

Stray cat roaming above you

Stray cat asking for your permission to enter your home

Stray cat head-butt to the cat feeder, as a sign of "friendliness & gratitude"

Supper time for the stray cats 

Time for a jab for 1 of the injured stray cats 

Looking for another jab at this stray cat 

Injured stray cat (neck area) 

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