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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Encouraging story of donkey drop into dry well

Encouraging story from FM958 today

A farmer lost his Donkey when it dropped into a dry well. 
The donkey keep calling out to his owner for help.

He and villagers tried to save the donkey up but its too deep to reach.
Do not want  his donkey to suffer from dying and dirtying the well, hence he thgt of  filling up the well with soil to hasten donkey's death.

Hence together they start digging up soil and filling up the dry well.
The donkey knowing his fate, kept on crying while the digging continues above.

After a long time, the donkey stopped his crying. 
The farmer and villagers were puzzled at why donkey stopped making noise.

When they looked down , they were amazed at what they saw.
The donkey was pushing aside the soil to the side and keep standing on top. 

Eventually when the soil reached the top of the dry well, 
donkey smartly jumped out of the well in front of all the villagers.

Morale of Story
Do not let the daily frustrations of life to hit us down.

The situation may be very bad.

Like the donkey, we can choose to throw aside the "soil" 
and keep standing atop.

Never give up hope.
Eventually problem will be solved.

Hope this story can encourage all of us here.

Thank you for your attention...

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