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Monday, November 29, 2010

Are There More Depression Cases Surfacing Up in Singapore in Year 2010?

The other day, I was discussing abt the situation of mental patients with my retiree friend Nelson over a cup of coffee and  or beer.
Nelson told me nowadays there seems to be more vaga bonds , poor ones and mental people at his place in Jurong West area.

Examples of depression & or poverty cases that we have been able to see at his Jurong West coffeshop:
  1. A young girl (~ 20yrs old) staring at the table and keep howering around as if she is lost or like what my friend says she is possessed and keep thinking the table is blocking here?   :?:  
  2. A cocked-eye looking man keeps staring and pointing his fingers at people who clapped their hands at him >:<
  3. A kind man who always come to us asking for S$2.00 but usually we joke to him that our "platinum club President" Mr Raja King is not here to provide the funds ... :D
  4. Vagabonds repeatedly reserving seats at Senior Citizen Corners below his HDB flat in Jurong West St 42.
  5. A man who keep talking and pointing to himself as if he is an actor. My friend Nelson found it rather entertaining during lunch/breakfast at Jurong West Hawker Center at Hong Kah Point.
  6. A Malay man who keep following others and asking passerbys if they know who is Mr Mahathir?
People can been seen camping at some popular local Beaches, Shopping Centres and Senior Citizen Corners below public housings.

It made me wonder how can such highly-improbable things be happening in a "relatively rich" and "developed" country?

I also have been observing more of such cases occuring in this part of the island.
Begging, Sleeping on the Streets, Sick Ones, Home Alones, Depressed Ones, etc.

I would like to specially mention about the vagabonds who are making themselves
comfortable at the shopping cenetre here.

These vagabonds are really pitiful, i met one of them whom I wish to called  Mr D.P (his initials).
D.P has been sicked , jobless and lost his wife to cancer few years ago.
D.P is also an achoholic and went into depression after he lost his wife thereafter.

You can see D.P drinking his way from morning to evening, only filling his stomach
with some light food stuffs only during breakfast, skipping lunch and dinner altoghter.

D.P used to be a production manager in a local firm commanding a pay of abt SGD$5k-7k here but as to how he lost his job is also anthr question mark on my mind ...

He moved into this area for about a month and seeking accomodation with his fleshly sister at a nearby block.

But he is seen sleeping at the shopping centre here, it really make me ponder why when he has a 5 room flat in CCK and yet he chose to suffer on the streets here?

When i saw and tried to wake D.P last morning for Power Nasi Lemak & Teh-Ah-Lia (~2a.m.), I couldn't bear to do so bcos' he's alrdy deep asleep and his whole body is shivering curling up like a helpless shrimp.... he really looks pitiful when you look at how he sleeps without blanket, and so do the rest of "his companions" nearby.

Can the relevant authorities take care of such cases like providing accomodation and
simple meals for such ones?

Individaully, how can we reach out to such "poor" ones?
For myself i have been trying to look for suitable tenants for his flat
and providing some pocket money for his meals, hoping he'l not xchange for alcohol ...

Maybe its high time to take a hard look at how we can start improving hectic lives for the locals here  ;-?


Latest mental case at Outram Park MRT on 1 June 2011.

An Indian Drummer near Boon Lay Hawker

ATM Begger Aunty near Boon Lay Shopping and Hawker Center

Depressed Woman Beating Herself at Boon Lay Coffeshop

Uncle talking to himself inside a SBS 335 Bus

This is the cocked-eye man who intimates passerbys
thru' his fingers-poking method and staring at you.

U just have to clap both your palms soundly
or unknowingly 'take a glance' at him, he will do that to you.... sigh -^ ***

~ to be continued.... ~

We welcome your frank comments as to how to improve people's life here....

Not The End Yet.

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  1. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Hi Alan, indeed there have been raising numbers of depression cases since 2005, according to Today newspaper dated 07.08.10. However, I have not been able to get a figure for the whole of 2010 so far.
    In case you are wondering, I am doing a research on mental health (depressions) in Singapore and my team and i are looking at how communications design could help improve/prevent/raise awareness on the issue.
    My question to you is: Do you think hectic lifestyle is the main cause? Do you think that enough have been done to elevate the situation? What do you think can help?

    Lynn Djono
    reply at:

  2. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for your comments and research stats.

    I do believe that there is a possible link betwn Hectic Lifestyle & Depression.

    Just a few days ago, met a super angry customer venting his anger & throwing abuse @ a petite cashier girl in Giant Hypermart -IMM .

    Hectic life he has, maybe is the reason?

    See video in my blog -> link

    However IMO , there's perhaps also a stronger link between Poverty and Depression.

    However IMO , i also believe there's a stronger link between Poverty and Depression.

    As to your other two qustions:

    1) Do you think that enough have been done to elevate the situation? (my ans: not enough, depression cases on the rise partly due to cost of living)

    2) What do you think can help? (my ans: create a lesser stress environment to live in and provide more stress managment courses for more or all Sg citizens - provide more monatery welfare)

    If a "normal" person is constantly living under a stressful environment, he might likely turn out to be crazy, clinical depressed or even to the point of suicidal if left untreated or problem unresolved but
    there are also many cases whereby many turned out better after going thru'/ enduring stressful or tragic events.

    So, its also by choice how or what that individual want to turn out to be eventually.

    If he is able to think positively , he might just recover. "He is what he thinks to be..."

    Pls observe one of my new uploaded video clip here (scroll down to last clip) .

    In this instance, this man is also a bit mentally unsound. the difference is he's capable of buying 4D tickets for "his clients"
    also able to pick on smaller-size passer-bys for a "fight" when he is so-called being "provoked".

    Original Link

    Thanks & Best Regards,

    Alan Chow


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