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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Super-Angry Customer Threw Abuse at Cashier in IMM, Jur East Giant Hypermart

Angry customer at Giant,IMM on Monday 17 Jan 2011 approx 430pm.

I was wondering why he is so angry at the poor cashier girl ?

According to this gentleman, he was being verbally abused by one of the staff.
He don't even accept the supervisor's apology to him.

The cashier was told to leave the hypermart, sobbing away after that.

A passerby elderly man standing next to me who also witnessed the whole event
was wondering what the earth is going on and
he is probably lamenting that the present world we are living in is really v.very different,
people are more demanding & difficult to deal with as compared to his times.

Perhaps modern-days customer service really has to take on a more pro-active approach
to prevent such ugly indicidents from occuring again, especially in front of tourists.

Faster clearance and more friendly to customers might go a long way to happier people-pple relationships.

The end... do come back again for more updates

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