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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Video Clip of Girl Scolded By Woman Over Reserved MRT Seat

MRT is so crowded nowadays...& Singapore life is so hectic

Video clip of a young lady having a quarrel with an elderly lady.

The elderly lady wanted to take pic of the girl...
to be published in newspaper. 
I guess she didn't know YouTube has already done that for her.

This video has gone viral more than 400,000 hits since June 2012.
Even PM Lee rally speech mention about this video.

The argument started over an MRT seat reserved for the elderly and handicapped.
the young woman had already given up her seat, the older woman begins to nag her, saying she "is not happy with the way she stands" and that the young lady was "most probably coming from China."

With the continued taunting by the older woman, the fight over the mrt seat escalated.

The younger woman initially tries to ignore the scolding by playing with her phone but when the auntie decides to take a photo of her to "published in Today newspaper", the young woman finally shoots back a "stare" and replies with "why must you take my photo?"

The elderly lady shouted: " Why you stare at me? " 

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