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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Latest Aquarium Concept Style for LFS at 7Stars

Nowadays competition is really stiff! Even local fish shops LFS has to engage in "interior design" to stand out from the rest of LFS. 

Take for example, the 7Stars Aquarium at Jurong East St 21 (opp ShuQun Secondary Sch). You can "see stars" at this place. *0-0* *0^0* *0i0*.

Firstly, 7Stars Aquarium never rest and operates 24hrs like 7Eleven & Xtra Hypermarts (wonder who comes to shop in middle of the nite except myself). It's a similar concept with Hong Kong Goldfish Market where you can see 'Hongkees' sitting in front of goldfish tanks just to admire them at night after a stressful day of work. Its helps to reduce some stress.

In order to attract eyeballs views, they had a giant fish tank installed on the 2nd level , jus right above their shop. Some more the fish tank comes with LED lights like those Ah Beng style decorated cars. 

The boss also cut down on his previous biz selling temple items for Hindu worshipers and expanded his fish shop by another half. The interior of the expanded shop looks like you are in some kind of a night Safari or boutique shop. Feels like you are in a concept shop dealing with exclusive merchandises. Indeed, only arrowanas and louhans flowerhorns can be seen in this expanded half. These fishes can costs you easily from $138 to $3888, for the exclusive customers.

IS it gonna be the next trend for LFS? 
Lets' cross our fingers to wait and see.

See below pics:

 A "Fish Boutique" located in the west part of Singapore.
Expanded half displaying only high-price items:
arrowanas & flowerhorns

Macham selling gold in a goldsmith shop , except they didnt install any steel bars to prevent robbers from breaking in.

This pretty boy can cost you a bomb!
I dun wanna know it's price tag, for you to find out.
I reckon it's back to the good old luohan craze period.  

Home alone in a 3ft tank.
Strangley, this flowerhorn is the 'quiet' type, 
dun 'bang walls' like the est of his bros. 
The only peace loving luohans i ever see before. 
Maybe he see me, then behave like that?
Check him out at the rear section.

Only for display , got money also can't buy... sigh :(

Star Tortises for $3 only? Look carefully
They thought I'm from AVA go and check them. 

Oscars award for acting like zombies.

What these angels looking at, greener pasture on the other side or waiting for food to drop?
I bought 3 pcs back home as friends for my other 3 angels, 
quite reasonable price at $1.50/pc. 

At least, when they are back at my home, 
they 'didn't look me no up'. They started to play with other angels.

The ones who killed Steve Irwin ,the crocodile hunter. 
Not for the faint-hearted fish hobbyists.

Angela Baby

These are known as the marine freshwater fishes.
Confusing? Look at their body color n  u'll know why.

Kissing fish that do not kiss, what are they good for?

Macham like 'Goldfish Street' in Hong Kong.
They never sleep, jus for people to view.

There's even dry food for fish ??? 
Nite snacks for fish

Jelly Fish in freshwater?

See What See?!
 You want me to pop your eyes?
Wait for me to Puff up, then you know I can bite. 
Go back and sleep lah!

Btw, heard from one of the shop assistant, 
(his name sounds like John Nathan)
there's another new outlet at Geylang Lor 10.

That Geylang one lagi more power, and bigger than this 1 at Jur East. 

Looking foward to visit their new outlet, not to see 'mermaids' @ Geylang but to verify what Nathan said is true or not.

Folks, do tune in and watch out for this space .... pics and info coming . Ahkang Datang.



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