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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Old Man Hoarding Mrt Seats with Bags in Singapore

One of biz partner jus watsapp me his below angry moments:

"Old fart came in and sat between a man n a girl. 
His bag he put it to the extreme right pushing 
the man to give up his seat. 

Next he hang his right leg over his left leg 
irritating the girl who also gave up her seat. 

Then the old fart placed a shopping bag into the vacated seat. 

His bag discouraged any taker of the other vacant seat. 

Coolly he buat bodoh over a novel  n ignored other commuters. 
He id sick alrighy
...some commuyers in this car were standing instead of taking 
up seats around him. 

To avoid the sickly n sickening fart..."


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