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Monday, July 07, 2014

Cpf money coming on 1 Aug 2014 for Singaporeans and Pioneer Generation

Finally some money coming our way on 1 Aug 2014 (Friday)
Jus in time to go for a long weekend before National Day or maybe a good idea to plan one on ndp .

How much did u get this time?

As a not so young ,not so old generation, i managed to receive $250 from ah gong the old men.
Pioneer generation gets $500 cash with anthr $250 going to medisave. Total $750
I got anthr 17 yrs to reach pioneer status.
Now only pioneer 3rd generation, Lol

What can u do with $250?

My wish list,only can choose one below:

Plan a holiday trip to Penang and enjoy all the good food.

Buy $250 worth of durians and gorge myself

Buy $250 worth of 90 over crystal red shrimps or spent it on one or two pure red line shrimps.

Meals for 22 working days.
Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner and maybe tea break + supper.
One packet of $3 chicken rice or $3 nasi leamak per day.

Save up for future,with maybe abt 3¢-10¢ year end interest from my favorite POSB bank.

Whatever yr plans are, its good to plan ahead no matter how big or small the money coming in is...

But do not bet on it...

Save up or use it wisely is best course.

Two cents worth..

A pic spreading in facebook

Letter from govrt informing me of $250
 in my bank by 1 Aug 2014


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