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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Haze in Singapore 2015

As a lot of us have realized by now, we are now in a Hazy situation or some call it "romantic"season.

Few are happy while many are annoyed, even distressed by the hazy situation.

Happy: Students do not need to attend school if PSI hits 300 (hazadarous) or when the MOE announces so (wait for news from MOE or yr School authority to sms /call your home).

Understand More on PSI Chart

The health impact of haze is dependent on one’s health status, the PSI level, and the length and intensity of outdoor activity. Reducing outdoor activities and physical exertion can help limit the ill effects from haze exposure. Given the air quality forecast for the next 24 hours, healthy persons should reduce prolonged or strenuous outdoor physical exertion. The elderly, pregnant women and children should minimise prolonged or strenuous outdoor physical exertion, while those with chronic lung or heart disease should avoid prolonged or strenuous outdoor physical exertion. Persons who are not feeling well, especially the elderly and children, and those with chronic heart or lung conditions, should seek medical attention.

For updates, visit our NEA website (, the haze microsite (, follow us on NEA Facebook ( and NEA Twitter (@NEAsg), or download the myENV app.

For more information, please contact:
Call Centre: 1800-CALL NEA (1800-2255 632)

Closure of Primary and Secondary SchoolsThe Ministry of Education will consider closing all primary and secondary schools to students when the health advisory for the next day indicates that the air quality will be at the hazardous level. School-based student care centres will operate during periods of closure. MOE will announce the closure of schools at around the same time that the health advisory is released. Schools will also contact parents to inform them of the closure of schools for students via phone or SMS.
We seek parents' and employers' understanding that relatively short notice for any announcement of school closure could be given. We also wish to encourage parents to make advance care arrangements for their children for such an eventuality. Under those circumstances, we urge employers to exercise greater workplace flexibility in enabling their employees to care for their children.
Unhappy: Adults still have to work in this unhealthy psi level

Haze Management Measure by MOE
Read here:

Classes are cancelled on 25 Sept 2015, article here

Many expressed unhappiness over remarks made by authorities.

"Look at how long they have enjoyed fresh air from our green environment and forests when there were no fires. Could be months. Are they grateful? But when forest fires occur, a month at the most, haze pollutes their regions. So why should there be an apology?" he said during a dialogue session with Indonesians in New York at the Indonesian Consulate-General on Thursday" Mr Kalla, VP of Indonesia

Read more  HERE 

Few are taking the opportunity to spread rumors.

Cloud seeding rumours are 'false, malicious': MEWR Minister Vivian Balakrishnan

The National Environment Agency does not engage in cloud seeding and has no plans to do so, said Minister for Environment and Water Resources Dr Vivian Balakrishnan.

"You may have seen this making the rounds. It is untrue. NEA does not engage in cloud seeding and has no plans to do so. Singapore is so small that even if anybody tried to do it, the rain would almost certainly fall outside Singapore. Singaporeans should beware of malicious people spreading false rumors during a period when anxieties are heightened." Vivian Balakrishnan  

Full article HERE

Vivian Balakrishnan (facebook page)
On 24 Sept 2015

"N95 masks will be available at all Community Clubs tomorrow for CHAS and Pioneer Generation card holders and Comcare recipients. Grassroots volunteers will also reach out to residents who are immobile or vulnerable.

Our offer to assist the Indonesian authorities remain open. We have shared with Indonesia the hotspots NEA had identified through satellite imagery that might have caused the recent haze episodes in Singapore. We have also asked them to share the identity of companies responsible for causing the haze. These companies will be liable for criminal and civil penalties according to the Transboundary Haze Pollution Act..."



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