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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

How To Import or Sync Blog with Facebook

For Bloggers who have previously used "Facebook Notes App" to  synchronize your blog with facebook, the app is no loner working the way it should. 

Here's the good news, there's an application "RSS Graffiti" which I've found that can linked up all your Blog posts to your Facebook wall page. 

Below is the 9 steps solution to synchronize your blog with your facebook.

After I have installed RSS Graffiti, my blog at ( ) can then be suceesfully linked with my facebook page ( ).  Whenever I blog, my  facebook can received the updates too which can easily be shared to my facebook profile. 

Here's how you can do it for your blog & facebook too:


1) First of all login to your facebook account. At the top search bar, key in the word " RSS ". Once the menu drop down "RSS Graffiti", move your mouse over & and left click the icon. 
That  will bring you to the page of the RSS Graffiti app is located.


2) In RSS Graffiti facebook page, look for the blue button "Add New Publishing Plan" (circled red below).  Click on it.
3) After you clicked the Add Publishing Plan, either you give it a title or leave it alone. Here I name it as My Publishing Plan. 
After that, click on the blue button "Create Publishing Plan ".


4) After you create a new publishing plan, click on the button "ADD NEW" on the left next to SOURCES. (see red circle)

5a) After that, this box "Add A New Source" pops up, key in the url address of your blog and click on button Add Source.

5b) After that is done, Feed Setup appears. Feed Title and Feed URL will automatically be filled. You can probably leave that alone. 

Click on the Save button at the bottom right.


6) After that,  
click on the button "ADD NEW" on the right next to TARGET. (see red circle)

7) Choose Target, select the appropriate facebook page/group where you want your blog to sync to.
After that , click on Save Changes at the bottom.

8) Finally, turn on the publishing plan by moving the dull-colored arrow to the right. It should turn it into green color and the word ON should appear.

Its Done! In future, all you blog posts will be posted on your facebook wall.


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