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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Revitalization Upgrading of Shopping Centers To Improve Shopper Traffic

Upgrading of Shopping Centres

Older Shopping Centres in Singapore has started to improve their external facades and internal infrastructure so as to increase more crowd and also to improve the image of shopping centre. With competition from the nearby trendier, better looking and bigger shopping malls, the older shopping centres have to do something to keep up with the times to bring back the young generation of shoppers. 


In order to attract more shopper traffic, they are willing to spend some money to face-lift the facade. As the old sayings goes "first impression counts". Hence from a shopper's point of view, the image of a shopping mall is really 1 of the most important decision whether to shop. This is more true especially for those who have not been there and  the younger generation who are more concerned about looks and designs.  

Modern Malls Vs Older Shopping Centres

The modern shopping malls carry more branded stuffs from international retailers, offer a variety of fine cuisine and entertainment like movies, gaming and skating, etc. The older neighborhood shopping centres on the other hand do not have the luxury to offer such all-in-one services to the shoppers. They only provide basic services like barber, electronics sale, food and groceries. 

Not only does the newer shopping malls offer more products and services than the older shopping centres, it is more comfortable to shop in the air-con as Singapore's weather is humid and hot most of the time.  Older shopping centres do not usually air-con their area so as keep the rental rate affordable. 

Transportation to the shopping mall is also another factor that can affect the amount of shoppers traffic. The modern shopping mall is usually quite accessible as they are built next to MRT stations and bus interchanges are integrated within the mall itself. The older shopping centres serve mostly the local residents, only buses will reach the place. 

Revitalization of Shops - ROS

Really to improve sales, older shopping centers like the one in Boon Lay has to go through major face-lifts and improvements. The Singapore government has come up with  a solution Revitalization of Shops schemes (ROS) to upgrade existing shopping centres that fall under this category. HDB press release:"Under the Revitalization of Shops (ROS) Scheme, shops at some 35 sites in mature estates like Tampines,Bedok, Jurong and Bishan will undergo renovation and retrofitting. Previous batches of sites are progressing well in their revitalization efforts, with shopkeepers reporting a 10%-20% boost in sales."  Read full article Here

Upgrade Facade of Boon Lay Shopping Centre (side)
The construction of this side facade alone took at least 1 to 2 months. 
The entrance to the car park has to be closed temporarily for panel fitting works. 
This is the more important side as it is facing the bus stop and hawker centre. 

Upgrade Facade of Boon Lay Shopping Centre (front)
photo taken on 7 Sept 2012
Front of Boon Lay Shopping Centre has already gone through more than 2 upgrading .

ROS Revitalization of Shops Scheme (Batch 2) for 
Boon Lay Shopping Centre

Proposed Improvement Works  
(completing around Sept' 2012)

Upgrade External Facade of Boon Lay Shopping Centre
Artist impression of completed facade during the night

According to definition of from online dictionary  Facade is : 
the front of a building, especially an imposing or decorative one.
any side of a building facing a public way or space and finished accordingly.

Benefit to Tenants: attractive facade is more likely to bring in more walk-in customers. 
Benefits to Shoppers: brighter better lightings give shoppers  create curiosity & happier for them to visit the shops.

Upgrade Railings and Balustrades 
Replacement of railings and balustrades in Boon Lay Shopping Centre
Existing railing sand balustrades come in various inconsistent designs. 
Proposed replacement of stainless steel railing of consistent design and compliance to current regulations.  
Benefits to Tenants: safer for operate the business
Benefits to Shoppers: safer for the to shop. 

Escalator Provision 
Addition of 2 escalators, 1 in the front and 1at the back of Boon Lay Shopping Centre
Benefits to the Tenants: encourage more shoppers to explore the 2nd level of the shopping centre
Benefits to Shoppers: easier access to the 2nd Storey of Shopping Centre

Upgrading Community Corner 
Re-arranging the layout of seats and tables at back of Boon Lay Shopping Centre
Benefits to Tenants: more shoppers to come and visit the shopping center by providing more resting  area
Benefits to Shoppers: provide a location for shoppers to rest & residents can interact together to play chess 

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