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Sunday, June 15, 2014

World Cup Brazil Fever in Singapore 2014 TV screening locations

Seems that this year`s World Cup has to be more than a game like in the past.

Businesses of coffeeshop , doctors, food delivery most likely go up by another 20% this soccer season.

Ladies and Girls who do not watch soccer probably has to either look for their own entertainment or play along with the game by getting interested in soccer .
Otherwise risk being neglected by the men or boys :D.
There is a saying in army : "treat the rifle like your wife, be with them no matter where " meaning to say is can't live without them.
Soccer is like a wife to most men this month, so sleep,eat,with balls this year.

Fortunately, there are also a few men whom I spoke to who do not display any interest in world cup or football.
For example , a coffeeshop boss in boon lay stall called Tian Seng say he does not even want to get involved, to him watching World Cup is a waste of time.  In his opinion, putting a TV in front of his stall will affect biz. Cos many will sit there without ordering any drinks. Lol.
I have a friend who was given free MIO TV world cup package due to fact that he has all 3 services subscribed in his home:mobile phone,TV,broadband.
Guess what? He don't really watch world cup, maybe the final match. Not all male creatures on earth are interested in something that is round and chased by 22 men.
What a relief for their other half! ::DDx

This year's world cup time zone do not suit the Asian zone. Matches start from 12midnite Singapore time, second match 3am and last match is at 6am.
There is only one match on Sunday 15 June that starts at 9am when most soccer or ordinary fans can watch the world cup in action without affecting their work or family life.
Otherwise they have to apply annual Leave or MC jus to catch up live matches.

On bright side of things, this month June is a school holiday period where most teachers,private tutors and all students will be their off peak season. This is really a good time for them to take a breather or vacation. Can even stay up a bit late to catch up with their Kakis , one way is thru watching world cup together.

Anther plus pt this year is that most community clubs and MacDonalds in Singaporr offer free live TV screenings in their venues/outlets.
Pls see below for list of venues offering MIO screening of World Cup 2014:
CCs offering live screening free of charge

MacDonalds in Singapore with World Cup live screening

Total of 64 matches in total
90 mins of endurance if the match is bored with a 10 to 15 mins toilet break in between.
Pick your fav teams or your conv time slot below if u are keen to be glued to screen with many others.

Match Fixture Schdule Click here

Enjoy your holidays this World Cup


Boon lay CC Packed with audiences and residents nearby hoping to catch a match between England vs Italy on 15 June Sat 730am.
Results Eng 1 Italy 2
95 mins play
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