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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hong Kong Ocean Park Holiday Visit

I and my friend touched down at Hong Kong International Airport on 13 Oct 2010, 11am on a early Tiger Airways.

We went down to Ocean Park the next late morning 14 Oct (Thurs). Its better to reach Ocean Park by opening hour 10am in order to enjoy all the features.

It was really an educational and eye opener tour . Ocean Park is much bigger and better things than Sentosa. The entrance fees of HKD$250 is really worth going twice.

If you buy tickets at Admiralty MTR in Hong Kong, got discount of HKD$28.
It'll just cost you HKD$222. (save you around SGD$5)

->>>> See photos here & the videos at bottom of this page to see for yourselves what I mean. <<<-

Got discounts buying  tickets to Ocean Park if you become a temp MTR member
at this Admiralty Station , just before going up to bus interchange

a mobile drink stalls at the bus interchange reminding you that the water in Ocean Park cost HKD$16.
Buy here only HKD$5 or $6, saves you HKD$10 (SGD$1.60)

drop at Admiralty MTR station (not the one next to Woodlands huh)

entrance of Ocean Park
ocean park map
most gift items sold at Ocean Park is around HKD$35/pc (~SGD$6)

Atoll Reef entrance

atoll reef's top view - feeding session!
this super jumbo fish enclosure is at least 3 to 4 levels deep
with sea turtles, sting rays, monster fish, puffers, and occasionally sharks lurking around!

description of Seahorses -  A Man's Job/  Not easy to become a Father


description of clown fish

nemos! clown fishes are happy here though its jusz a small fish tank compared to the oceans

this china couple blocking the nemo fish tank taking photos for more than 3mins ...~ so fussy ~ !  Clown  ;D


Nemos swimming against water current in a fish tank!

Video clip of the Reef Enclosure, magnificent awesome fishy sight ! ! !

End ~ to be continued ...

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