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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Tiger Air Should be called Kuching Air

What a mornig to wake up and found out tat Tiger Air planes being grounded on 1 Oct 2010.
(See news below).

I didn't expect this sort of incidents to happen in a world class budget airline owned by SQ Singapore Airline. The managment should have named the budget air-> Kuching airline rather than Tiger Air, coz' tigers dun get mcs from what i know they are fast and furious.  Cats only liked to sleep and always tired... meow~

I understand tat many forumers have already complained about frequent flight delays by this budget air and if it still doesn't improve its current standing, i guess they have to pack their bags and go back to their kampongs. 

Jusz 2 days ago, I booked a ticket to Hong Kong for the 13-17 Oct' flight. Was looking foward to the trip but the news slightly dampened my holiday mood today.

Fortunely, already purchased a travel insurance for S$39 (single) from my insr agent, which let me have some peace of mind for the time being.  No "Monkey Minds" yet and no chanting required !   :-D

The plan covers travel cancellation , flight delays, terrorism, kidnap, loss of materials, theft, baggage delay, sickness, helicoptor evacuation, public transport, etc... 
See coverage and premiums in pics at the bottom of this page.

Best of all , the plan covers the places I am going to Macau, Shenzhen & Hong Kong wih jusz one F1 Zone 4 Walkabout race ticket price of S$39. 

Imo, if  you are traveling with your  family nowadaz, its still better to obtain a travel insurance with your personal agent before you fly.

If I were to travel in the past, I wouldn't have cared less about buying any insuracnce. But now things are a bit different as compared to the times when "the policmen still wearing short pants".

Anything can happen in this time of the end, juz look at the joker Twn lady who delayed the whole plane for 10mins and have to be ordred by the Jetstar pilot to get out of his plane and have to be escorted by local police for disruption and safety concerns. See Link Here

Nowadays, you can even see a RSAF helicopter landing near your HDB home Singapore, tat's what I called Premium Service! ;)

I wonder how much we as small-time commuters need to pay for a single flight ticket to Orchard in helicoptor from Woodlands?  :D  Imagine a quick 5 min trip to beat the traffic jams and pushings in MRTs.

Hope my trip will be a smoother one ... not full of happening events.

Looking foward man !

Watch out for any of my HK's pictures and videos clips here.

I will ensure "interesting" coverage...



Tiger flights grounded, thousands stranded

by Lynda Hong Ee Lyn
05:55 AM Oct 02, 2010
SINGAPORE - Thousands of passengers were left angry and frustrated on Friday when budget airline Tiger Airways cancelled nearly half its flights out of Singapore, due to technical faults with its aircraft.
The cancellations were indicated on the website of the Changi Airport online flight information system. As many as 2,700 passengers are believed to have been affected.

The cancellations affected flights to places like Kuala Lumpur, Chennai and Macau.

The Singapore-based low-cost carrier said two of its Airbus A320 aircraft had experienced technical issues over the past few weeks, and were grounded for extended checks and maintenance.
The carrier says this caused significant disruption to its flight programme, which resulted in the rescheduling and cancellation of flights.

Still, passengers said they could have been informed earlier via mobile phone or email.
Many of them arrived three hours before the flight at the airport on Friday, only to learn that the flights had been cancelled at the last minute. TODAY News Article


~END ~

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