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Friday, October 22, 2010

NEA Server Often Down NEA Should Provide SMS Service on PSI Readings

Dear NEA Officer,

I tried to access your NEA sever on the 18 Oct 2010 after my trip from Hong Kong.
Wanna to find out about PSI readings

But huh, between these periods of 18 to 20 Oct , your server is either often down or too busy.
Very jia luck... i thgt my pc can't work... almost threw it away...

I then called your officers to enquire on the P-S-I readings,
I dun know why sometimes I cannot hear them properly
my ears are playing trick on me often mistaken PSI of 98 for 88.
maybe my old lousy Nokia 3100 handphone cannot make it liao.
perhaps I am getting old and hard of hearing , time to buy a coffin . :D

I watch TV also neber see your PSI reading display on the screen even though my kaki friend
told me its alreading 108...
wow! i thgt my share price increase.. good mood man can blanjah supper for him,
... so i took a nice long walk out into jurong park
with my new refurbished bicycle from the rubbish dump.

I  thgt it was a romantic view + the beautiful neon foundtain can shot water upz leh,
and wonder if it is winter alrdy, when did Sg become so beautiful huuh....

I wander wander around but not many joggers can be seen here...
then i wonder whats going on...
i realise its time to buy supper for my kaki friend liao....
i cycle slowly this time but the incoming taxi neber sloz dwn, want to beat red light
almost bang into my bicylce...

i told uncle cabby i poor old man liao, no job to do ,... cannot afford a good meal now...
pls drive carefully leh...
my cpf payout little surving only $10 per day.. pls take pity on me.

Daughter onli support $12/day...
she have her family to support dun know how long wil she give me $$$.

Shhh....  dun tel anybdy i also moonlight doing part time selling 3M masks huh...
wait the incoming-taxi pple come ask me drink kopi at Novena Square...
i dun like shopping malls coffee expensive and sucks...
i onli like jurong west one ... they hot hot and cheap cheap.

So I kindly request you to bring back the excellent SMS service that updates
on the hourly PSI readings which we once had gotten from you NEA once upon a time.

Pls help me this "old man".  :)

Your kind deeds will bring many blessings to whole of Singapore.
Upz  ;)

Before you go huh, pls take 2 seconds to fill up the form below
take at look at the responsese of people who wanted this sms service..

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check on the boxes below, dun tick wrongly huh...

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Kum sia for leeding huh


~End ~

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