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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Bicycle Tyre Scratch by Mobile Grass Cutter

Yesterday picked up my bicycle with a punctured tyre.

Got it repaired at a bike shop opposite Marsiling MRT.

The boss told me the skin of the rear tyre had a "mini scratch",
so he didn't dare to pump in too much air in case the tyre 'burst'.

He explained to me that it is the work of the grass cutter when we park our bicyle too near to the metal railings. Just take note.

Initailly I thought it was the work of the wild cat who does its daily hand-scratching exercising on the rubber, now the cat is out of the bag! :D

QUOTE from  YG Blog :
"... these days, when cutting grass on the slopes or even on big open fields, most contract grasscutters use a petrol-operated machine, strapped to the back, that comes with disposable plastic bands at the cutting end  ...  even though the cutting is done with a plastic band, there is still the likelihood of someone getting hurt if one gets too close to the grass-cutter. from my experience, whenever the grass-cutter notices a pedestrian approaching, he will stop cutting for the moment. also, every one of them carries a board at the back which says ' danger! keep clear!'...."

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