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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Singapore Botanical Gardens via new Mrt Circle Line CC19

A hot & sunny day @ a Garden in Sg isn't any normal Singaporeans would want to spend their time at.
No amount of sun-shade can protect your skin from tanning into dark brown.

Nevertheless the trip is worth going as the negative-ions there is superbly in abundance. Making a healthy lifestyle.

Morever, u can see 2 white swans having their meals and toddler feeding ducklings. And people picnic relax n there.

Where else can  you find such a lobang in Singapore?

Complete set of photos can be found at my facebook album HERE.

Took a Mrt train to Singapore Botanical Gardens via the new circle line.  Drop at CC19 (3 stations from Buona Vista or Bishan).

click image to enlarge

Breeds of Dogs that required to "shut their mouths"

People can be seen "picnic" at grass patches

Feeding of Ducklings will make them 'unhealthy'?

Ah moh toddler having fun feeding ducklings
I sweat for him as he almost 'drop' into the pond

Your eyes are not seeing things.
These are really 2 White Swans in Singapore near Orchard Rd.

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