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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Unusual Wedding At Boon Lay

Nowadays getting hitch seems not easy...
besides bringing your "hao xiong di" (good bros),
dressing up as criminals and bunnies customs.

They have to go thru' a series of 'torture n punishment' .. lol ;D
wonder if they need any part-time actors to stand-in for them.

Not forgetting the cats have to go hungry this morning,
cos' the bride mum is the cat feeder/lover... meow!arrgg

Bride Team Dressed up for the Occasion

Dangling  Carrots

How the feeling being lock up?

waht did i do wrong?

Stop talking! Let me 'handcuff' you 1st.   Ready for the torture?

let me put up the bunny ear for you...yeah!

bunnies hungry for the dangling carrots

devil girl packing up


Beautiful deco on bride car

Car Plate number 7128

Mum carrying umbrella for bride daughter

ma ma gonna open the door for you

stand by the bride car
bye mum...

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