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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

C328 part II

Last night I was at C328 again,cycled there and looking for Cardinal Tetras to top up my 2ft fish tank.
After checking the prices with one of the elderly uncle staff, it was confirmed at 70cents per pc.

Instead of the pre-packages of 30pcs at S$15 (S size), S$18 (M size), S$39 (XXL size), I'v decided it is reasonable and cost-effective to just buy 6-10 pcs for my small tank.

While catching 2 Cardinals Tetras into a small pail, I noticed some of them flip over on one side as if they are dying. I asked the aunty boss whether its a sign of sickness and can they survive home?
She just took a quick glance into the pail and walked away without answering me a word.

While netting the 3rd Cardinal from a tank, she passed by again. Taking the opportunity while netting, I again check with her the same question. She responded the same way too. Weird manner she has I thought , but what to do, carry on netting.

While catching the Cardinals, I was wondering why the business at this local fish shop is so "super good" despite the usual cool responses that we are getting from the bosses and the cramp tight narrow walking spaces to put up with all these years of shopping at C328.

Then I realised that the local fish shop at 328 is stocking up with a lot of fish-related items and the prices here are very reasonable too. That probably keeps the customers and fish hobbyists to return back for more purchases.

Furthermore, the questions we asked may not be 'relevant' and she can choose not to answer if its not that important.  Anyway the Cardinals survived back at my home and all 4 of them are being qurantined to monitor for any diseases.

Hence I reckoned that the aunty boss is just confident that the Tetras are ok, thus she decided not answer me and tend to other important shop matters.

Besides, she is always on the move. Occasionally u can see her climbing up using the small plastic chair to get equipments for customers, sometimes she is changing water for the fish tanks or you may see the staff packing the fishes or even tending to suppliers.

You can see what I mean by looking at the below pics, dun panic if you see youself inside.
Most of your faces are not taken except the supplier :)

Video of Shrimps , Guppies and Bettas tanks:

HDB flats for guppies & bettas
netting high
s$5 Koi pool
supplier stock take

aunty looking at aros
plants, guppies & shrimps

silver aros

That night also saw something that I shouldn't have in my entire life as a fish hobbyist at C328.

A boy catching the S$5 kois with a net that he can't even handle properly. See Youtube clip below. This should be handled by a more elderly person. but the staff is too busy and too many customers mean we have to catch it ourselves which we are glad to do it, but not the boy he shouldn't have done it. The pool of Kois seem to be terrorized... :D

I also managed to see some innovative items at c328.
a) Snail Trap
b) External filter boxes (which also double as a shrimps and breeding tanks)

See pictures for  illustration

a) Snail Trap

snail trap at S$7.50
(but all words in japanese - dun know what's writing)
picture at back of the snail trap package
(looks easier to understand than the japanese words)

b) External Filter and Breeding box
( S$8 = 0.7 litres   |   S$9=1.2 litres )

Two sizes: 0.7L and 1.2L

act as for breeding fish or even as a shrimp tank
(maybe can also use as brine shrimp / tubifex worms storage?)

act as external filter for your fish tank
(but where to stuff the media?)

Back to the C328 history and original blog

~ End  , to be continued~

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