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Saturday, September 11, 2010

ST701 Shops

Hi readers,

I've just found an online venue which you can easily and conviently do your shopping
and advertising your ad at the finger touch of your lappy or pc!

Adding an ad into ST701 shop is pretty easy and there are the following benefits:

a) you can add in 3 photos of your choice

b) you can add in a YouTube link or video clip of your services or products

c) its free! 14 days

See pictures below, click to enlarge.

1) inserting an ad in ST701 Shops is free up to 14 days
if you choose the basic package with 3 photos and 1 video link/clip

takes about 2 minutes to do so if you are already used to the procedures.
for newbie users, it may take just up to 5 mins to do so.

2) inserting up to 3 photos and 1 video clip or link to promote your business and services is easy and fun!
3) finalishing your ad, click published ad and it will appear within 24 hours on ST701 Shops

Finally! Your ads will be indexed in major search engines like Google and Yahoo for users to find you.

~End ~

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