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Friday, September 10, 2010

Lorong 8 Toa Payoh Block 210 Market And Food Centre

Last nite, I had a great superb meal with 2 friends in Lorong 8 Toa Payoh Block 210 Market And Food Centre. Very memorable outing I ever had in my life!

I can promise you that you wouldn't want to patronise another food center once you had tasted a meal here. The nice ambience and cheap food is a great draw to many food lovers in Singapore.

This food center is by far the oldest and most "original" market place and food we will ever come across.
Perhaps the only makan place with tables and chairs set up in a big open-air space.

You can reach there by taking a Sbs feeder bus no. 238 from Toa Payoh bus interchange and alight at the 11th stage.  See map at the bottom page.

Tables of A Great Crowd Relaxing with Great Food and Beer & Drinks!

Have you seen such a cheap Carrot Cake = S$1.50 / plate ?
Fat man boss: Lai! Lai! eat my carrot cake

We ordered Kway Chap from the Coffee Shop
Texture of the noodle is smooth and the fish cake, meat are just the right taste!

We also order chicken wings from the coffee shop. S$1.20/ pc
The wings are grilled with a very special unique sauce which make you want to come back for more.
The carrot cake from the fat boss taste nice, can taste out the "burning gas"in your mouth.
Kway Chap at the food center!
We didn't order from this stall, the food looks nice

This western food stall at the hawker center looks good, saw a lot of customers ordering from them.
The equipments they use looks new and clean.
Mini Soon Kueh is also a attraction with long queues in the day

My friend told us that you can order a chendol at only S$1 and request to pour coconut syrup onto it.
This stall has a award winning chef!

The satay as low as 40cents/ stick ! Goes well with beer!
(for pork and chicken) 

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