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Friday, September 03, 2010

Elva Hsiao autograph signing session @ Jurong Point

Asian Diva and Superstar Elva Hsiao's exclusive
autograph signing session @ Jurong Point I 
2 Sept 2010, 9pm

Jurong Point 1st to 3rd Floor - very crowded!
Jurong Point Crowd on 2nd Floor - no place to even stand  :(
Autograph Session - only for those with Elva's saturday concert tickets

Elva's fans waving high-tech signboard
Jurong Point Crowd - wow!
Elva waiting for autograph session
Elva interviewed by 933DJ Ding Zhi Yong
after touched down at Changi airport ~7pm, rush here.


  1. Who is Elva? Local ?

  2. Elva Hsiao from Taiwan, international star artist.

    Holding concert this sat 4-Sept-2010 at Singapore indoor stadium


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