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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Singapore Pasar Malem Night Market in Jur West St75

Dear bargain hunters,

Time again for a Pasar Malem night out @ Jurong West St 75 opposite Gek Poh Shopping Centre (see map).

Dates: 20 to 23 Sept 2010 from 1pm onwards

Night Market in Singapore also known as Pasar Malem is filled with stalls selling the following items:
food, games, bags, wallets,mobile phone accessories,plants and clothings. See below pictures:

Ramly Burgers S$2.50 normal S$3.00 (with egg)

it's usual to see vehicles parked at the sides

Goreng Pisang aka Fried Bananas at 3pcs for S$1

tokoyaki - fried or grilled octopus

salted & buttered Maize Corns at S$1.50 per cup
Kebah (Beef =S$8, Chicken=S$5)

long queue of customers waiting for their kebahs
Smelly Beancurd for you?
customers dun seem to enjoy the smell of smelly beancurd

seller resting at his children wear and toys stall
tibits at S$3 per packet or 3packs for S$5
mobile covers for your iPhone at 3pcs for S$10
(1 bought one cover for my Samsung OmniaII at S$4)
lamination service at one mobile phone accessories stall
costs around S$5 per pc
spoted an iPad cover at S$25.90 in anthr mobile phone stall
a variety of mobile phone cover designs to choose from
anthr stall displaying artistic mobile phone covers

or play game at a pinball stall?

more games for you 

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