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Monday, September 20, 2010

singapore guppy breeder at jurong west st41

Yesterday on Sunday, I collected about 16 wild guppies from a Singapore guppy breeder
in Jurong West St 41, Bk 451 (above a Prata Shop).

The guppy breeder is Ricky and he has about a dozen fish tanks in his bedroom.

I am impressed by the effort in his upkeep of his guppies, so took a video clip of his
guppy collections and fish tanks setup in his room while he net the guppies for me.

A lot of work done in guppy selective breeding and taking care of his guppy fries as
each strain of guppy had to be housed in seperate fish tanks.

He is also knowledgable in the use of various medications for guppies ailments and
what to use to maintain good water quality for breeding guppies.

Ricky is in the midst of breeding new strains of guppies, hence sometimes he may have to
give away some of the not-so-high-grade guppies to make way for new guppy offsprings

An exchange of words between us shows that Ricky cares about his guppies' welfare
as he only looks for fish lovers who are willing to adopt his guppies as pets.

He can't bear to release his guppies in lakes/lokang as all of them are domestically raised in
his fish tanks,  his guppies are not afraid of humans as his guppies are used to hand feed from him. 
So the guppies can be easily caught by people using fish nets.

Neither can he bear to give them  to arowana owners who may eventually give his guppies to
their pets as feeder fish.

Any of you who are interested to adopt his guppies as pets can look for him at Arofanatics fish forum here.
His nick is R_F  -> Ricky's profile

( "while guppies last!" )

See below video for details of his guppies fish tank setup.


  1. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Hi Alan,

    Im unable to register a account in Arofanatics fish forum. Is there any other ways that im able to contact Ricky?

    Do mail me the other alternative at

    Thank you!

    Best regards,

  2. Anonymous12:09 AM

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