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Saturday, September 25, 2010

F1 Singapore Fri Nite Race 24 Sept 2010

It's the time for those loves the fast and furious again!

This time round we bought the S$38 FormulaOne 24 Sept Zone4 Walkabout ticket for the race
that is held on 24-26 Sept 2010.  We went into Gate 3 around 5pm and it was a smooth transition
with very little hiccups, exept for the slight drizzle earlier.

Gate 3 Entrance near the City Hall Mrt
the drizzling just stopped but the girls are still wearing the pochos
you can get the survival kit consisting of disposable earplugs and pocho at S$2.00/set

a ~15 to 30secs security check if you have a bag
very fast clearance if you did not bring in bulky items.
each vistor only can bring in one bottle not exceding 600ml of clear water

Get your exclusive F1 merchandises here!
Caps ~S$60, T-shirts from S$50, Umbrella from S$70

Circuit Layout Map

the food here very exxxx !  can 'slaughter' people ;D
S$10 for a small plastic cup of Tiger Beer.
and snack S$2, drinks S$4

hence we decided to go for a much cheaper meal at Marina Food Loft
(Marina Sqaure 4th floor - exit by Gate 7)
a sweet mei mei gal waiting to give you a fan attached with light stick
smile to her at Gate7 which is the exit to Marina Square

a Korean 'model' posing for a shot at Marina Square Shopping Center

char siew rice stall by Hong Kong chef 

Char siew rice @ $4.00/plate comes with foc soup ^
^ more solid herbal soup @ +S$3.50/bowl
cheap n good food!

"Free" bird-eyes view at Marina Food Loft (Marina Sq 4th Flr)
beware of marina sq managment team watching you from the inside

you need good balancing skill & a pair of steady legs for taking videos...

and be daring and innovative in selecting "good viewing spots"...

or rmbr to tap on others' support if you're a small fish...

this is a very good spot for viewing,
can even 'chop seat' to sit at the stairs if you are tired of standing
(this spot is located right in front of The Esplanade,betwn T14 and T15)
this bangla selected a good spot for his high tech camera..steady shots

what is this gadget?
quite a handful of people hanging around their nexks 
can watch LIVE F1 video on its 3.5" lcd super clear!

some resort to squatting low for a F1 shot or something else

while others are really dead tired, squat in drains wondering when is it gonna end ???
that explains why F1 is indeed big toys only meant for the men

Video clip of cars speeding along straight lane between T14 and T15
(Raffles Ave and Esplanade)

Video clip of cars making right turns and overtaking @T15 and T16
(near the Esplanande Waterfront)


The ticket was worth the value as we also get to enjoy an electrifying live violin performances by a group of 4 girls from UK, they called themselves Escala ! 

Venues: Esplanade Outdoor Theatre , & Paddock Club Stage

(view their performance schedules Here)

Video clips of Escala, hear to believe!

playing Paul McCartney's Live and Let Die

yet anthr great pc of musical by Escala

last but not least
one more powderful finale musical to go...!

~ it's over!  ~

do come back for more updates!



  1. Hi Alan,
    Now I know where to go if I know what is going around in Singapore:D Good job on the photos!

  2. Wow, looks like everything is so expensive during the race period. I was in Sg last year during F1 race too, and the hotel rate was effing expensive.

  3. Quay Po, thanks to your food blog. I also know where to go for good food in Malaysia!

    jFook, its an idea by the MIW (men in white) to earn some extra cash $$$ from tourists. Eerything will be expensive

    The Sunday Times report that there are foreign touts who jack up the tickets prices by anthr at least S$20 to S$50 for those who did not have.

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