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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Girl throw puppies into river

What the world coming to?
A little girl can be so cruel to throw 6 live puppies into a river, cannot imagine !  Is she sick?

一个小女孩能如此残忍把6条小狗投到一条河流,不能想像 !  她有什么病?

A disturbing display of animal cruelty has surfaced online: a video apparently showing a young woman or girl throwing live puppies into a river.

In the 43-second clip, a girl with blonde hair, wearing a red-hooded sweater is seen grabbing six puppies from a white bucket and hurling them into a river.

At one point, someone can clearly be heard saying "whee!" while she hurls a black-and-white puppy into the water.


  1. The 6 puppies are so adorable, how can a young girl have the heart to throw into a river and end their lives?

    The world has really changed a lot.

  2. 残忍。。。

  3. The girl seem to enjoy doing it.
    In an apparent apology video, she said she is throwing puppies which are sick and her grandmum told her to do it so that they can die faster.
    I think they die slow death, at least 2-3 minutes
    Hope she really regret about what she did.


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