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Friday, September 03, 2010

Sg Tickets Lobang: Exclusive Movie Preview: Love Cuts《割爱》on 4 Sep 2010‏

Hello Sg bloggers,

You've probably received the below email by now.
I'm posting the notice for all in case you didn't received it.

Hurry, only limited 30 tickets to be given to those who respond to Janet by tomw 4-Sept,3pm.

DON'T respond to me , I am just posting on behalf of Janet/ OMG.

Ps read details carefully below:

... Fowarded email ...

Dear Bloggers,

Together with Golden Village cinema, is giving away 30 pairs of preview tickets to the movie LOVE CUTS 《割爱》starring veteran actors Zoe Tay (郑惠玉)and Kenny Ho (何家劲)! Please see below for more movie details.

After the exclusive preview, you will also get to meet scriptwriters Danny Yeo & Lee Shyh-Jih who will be talking about the script, and Shirley Au Yeung from Singapore Cancer Society will also be present to share her real-life experience on being a breast cancer survivor.

Preview details:
Date: 5 Sep 2010 (Sun)
Time: 1pm
Venue: Cinema Europa, GV VivoCity

Bloggers who RSVP are expected to write a review of the movie on their blogs and send the URLs back to within 3 days of watching the movie. The reviews will be published on

To RSVP, please reply to this email with your name, contact number, and blog URL by Saturday, 4 Sep, 3pm. We will notify the selected bloggers by 10pm on the same day.

Thank you and hope to see you this Sunday!

Warm regards,
Janet Ong

To unsubscribe from this mailing list, please reply to this email with the header "UNSUBSCRIBE"。

"Forty-something Cecilia (Zoe Tay), better known as Sissy to her friends, is a cheery and vivacious seamstress. Diligent and keenly devoted to her art, Sissy has earned a respectable reputation in the trade for her superb craftsmanship and exquisite style. Her second-storey tailor shop Sissy's Seamstress at the Textile Centre is modest yet distinctly in a class of its own.

Sissy is recognized as an exceptionally talented seamstress, not only in her community but also garnering clients from far and wide. Moreover, Sissy's candid, affable and attentive disposition also makes her extremely well-liked and popular.

Wai Mun (Kenny Ho), her husband of many years, is the captain of an acclaimed Chinese restaurant. Although somewhat discontented with life since his migration from Hong Kong to Singapore, he and Sissy are a loving couple and enjoy a blissful marriage. They have a 15-year-old son (Edwin Goh) and a nine-year-old daughter (Regene Lim) who has a very close relationship with Sissy and is a source of great cheer and comfort to her.
In a twist of fate, an unexpected occurrence befalls their seemingly mediocre and uneventful lives. One day, as Sissy feels a hard lump in her left breast. A gush of complex emotions overwhelms her... "


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